Monarchs Will Participate in Season Two of the 2019 Swedish Eliteseries

With the second season of the CS:GO Swedish Elite Series nearing, eSports teams from all over are gearing up for a heated competition. This includes last year’s champions, Monarchs, whose team captain Jonathan “Dorfen” Hindorf received the MVP (Most Valuable Player) award. Dorfen was pleasantly surprised and declared the award “the whole team’s prize”, humbly expressing his gratitude for the support of his teammates. The team’s chemistry went a long way.

While Monarchs have displayed a lot of confidence during the first quarter of 2019, they have not forgotten the importance of consistency. Dorfen himself said: “It’s really important. We started last season really weak, so it would have been nice to get a good start. Then we don’t have to feel forced to win matches.”

Losing sight of their goal at the start of the season will make things tougher for Monarchs in the long run. This means that it is extremely important for them to get off on the right foot early on. It seems that this shouldn’t be a problem for them, however, as Dorfen will be bringing a lot of ambition to the playing field: “The goal is to reach the playoffs and then take home the whole [prize].” Let’s see if that ambition pays off.