The Monarchs Take Home a Victory at the 2019 Dustin Expo Open!

Things didn’t go so well for Granit Gaming at this year’s Dustin Expo Open. They suffered a crushing defeat, losing two games back to back at the hands of Monarchs. Granit Gaming got off to a bad start, losing the first match on Train 2-16. They put up a better fight the second time around on Inferno, winning 6 rounds, but Monarchs still came out on top, taking another 16 for themselves. Having won an impressive three fourths of the total rounds played, The Monarchs were clearly deserving of their victory. This achievement was no doubt due in part to the efforts of team captain, Jonathan “Dorfen” Hindorf. A successful team is never complete without a strong leader.

Granit Gaming walked away defeated, however, they did not do so empty handed. The team took home Sennheiser wireless headphones, Logitech gaming gear, and 10,000 SEK. Monarchs left with a 500GB Sony Playstation 4, a Sony TV and cell phone, 40,000 SEK, and an Intel Core i7 8086K processor. Both teams took home an estimated value of 170,000 SEK in cash and merchandise in total.