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Changes in our main roster

February 23, 2024 · Fredrik Belstad
After ENCE bought our core we tried out several players and positions. We added mhL, Bambosh and Tomiko to the roster and initially, the lineup seemed promising to everyone involved. Shortly after, Nawrot felt he needed to take some time off coaching due to personal reasons, necessitating the search for a new coach, which concluded with the appointment of Minirox.

In this period, we competed in numerous open qualifiers, narrowly missing out on advancing to the Copenhagen Major's Closed Qualification. As the team played and trained together it became apparent that the team faced two significant challenges: a lack of a unified vision and insufficient experience.

To address these issues we have discussed with the players and coaching staff and mutually agreed upon the following changes:

  • 9INE and mhL have mutually agreed to cancel the transfer, resulting in his return to Falcons.
  • Bambosh will be moved to our upcoming academy team, where we believe he will thrive under Ponczek's mentorship.

We will now rebuild our roster and are very excited about the future. We look forward to sharing more details about our plans with both the main team and the academy team soon.