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Academy Team

January 29, 2024 · Fredrik Belstad
We are exited to introduce 9INE Academy, our latest project focusing on fostering young talent and introducing the players to the competitive scene.

We offer a professional environment with focus on you and your progress, as support you will have 9INE’s CS2 analyst Patryk ‘ponczek’ Wites who will be responsible of recruitment. Compensation is included.

"I'm thrilled to announce that we are launching an academy at 9INE. I am more than excited to lead this project as the Head Coach, where I can share my knowledge and experience with the new generation of players and elevate their gameplay to new heights. We are eager to begin our tryouts as soon as possible, so if you believe you meet the criteria, don't waste any time and contact us!", says Ponczek.

We would like you to meet the following criteria’s:
  • EU based
  • Under 22 years old
  • 2800+ ELO
Please send your application by filling in this form.