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9INE completes new roster with mhL, Tomiko, Bambosh

January 8, 2024 · Marcus Schön

With ENCE acquiring our core of hades, Goofy and Kylar, we’re bringing back Mynio from the bench and are rebuilding the team with him and KEi. Today, we’re happy to announce the signing of mhL, Tomiko and Bambosh who complete yet another full Polish roster that will compete at the highest level throughout 2024.


21 year old Miłosz ‘⁠mhL’ Knasiak joins us from Falcons and have previously represented Endpoint, MOUZ NXT and AGO. mhL will take on the role as our new AWP’er.

Tomasz ‘⁠Tomiko’ Uroda and Kacper ‘⁠Bambosh⁠’ Szlachta, aged 19 and 18, both joins us from Permitta who they joined this autumn. Both Tomiko and Bambosh will play as riflers alongside KEi with Mynio being the IGL.


We’re very excited for this roster and 2024, the first test will be the open qualifiers of the PGL Major Copenhagen.


Photo provided by HLTV.org.